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9826: Fw: Cabaret for Peace in Cambridge, Mass.

From: "Anna.Wexler" <anna.wexler@verizon.net>

On Friday, December 7, a CABARET FOR PEACE will be presented at the Bayou
Cafe, 215 First St., Cambridge, MA, from 8pm - 1am.

This event is organized by Tontongi, the editor of TAMBOU/TANBOU, and other
members of Liberation Poetry 2001.  It will feature Haitian drummers Idi
Jawarakim and Juju Joseph, DJ Smith Nazaire, and a number of Haitian and
other poets including Patrick Sylvain, Tontongi, Danielle Legros-Georges,
Muhonjia, Brenda Walcott, Askia Toure, Anna Wexler, Daniel Laurent, Neil
Calender, Aldo Tambellini, Joselyn Almeida, Margie Shaheed, Gary Hicks and
Neil Calender.

Come raise your voice and spirit.  Eat, drink, and dance to the world beats
with DJ Smith Nazaire.

For more information call (617) 492-1749 or (617) 868-1094.