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9827: BBC: The anti-Lavalas mobilization showed itself in various forms in some regions of the country (fwd)

From: Robert Benodin <r.benodin@worldnet.att.net>

Haiti: Highlights of Radio Metropole news 1145 gmt 30 Nov 01
BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; Dec 1, 2001

2. [06] The anti-Lavalas mobilization showed itself in various forms in some
regions of the country yesterday. Strikes and demonstrations were on the
menu of activities by the members of the Democratic Convergence to demand
the departure of the current regime.
In Saint-Marc, however, the demonstration resulted in a violent scene in
which a Convergence militant was shot dead and several others were injured
by pro-Lavalas partisans. Correspondent Jean-Marie Maillard reports that the
demonstrators were demanding the resignation of Aristide and for the US
government to remove the Lavalas team from power.
They were shouting slogans such as "//Down with corruption, down with
insecurity, and long live democracy.//" They were also chanting: "//Aristide
is a thief. Send him away. Down with Aristide.//" A moment later, a vehicle
full of policemen came to protect the pro-Lavalas people's organizations,
despite the fact that they had already killed one person and injured several
3. [09] After reporting on the demonstration, our correspondent in
Saint-Marc Jean-Marie Maillard was arrested and handcuffed by CIMO
[Intervention and Maintenance of Order Company] agents, despite the fact
that he had identified himself as a reporter for Radio Metropole. This took
place during a control operation. It is an unacceptable situation.
4. [10] The Convergence leaders claim to be indignant after the murder of
one of their partisans in Saint-Marc. The opposition leaders encourage the
continuation of the mobilization throughout the country to obtain the
departure of the Lavalas regime
5. [14] The secretary-general of the OAS is expected in Port-au-Prince
today. Cesar Gaviria is coming once again to try to convince the
protagonists of the urgency of resolving the political crisis. It is a new
and difficult mission because of the fact that the gap between the parties
in conflict is getting wider.
Gaviria is due to spend only a few hours in the country. It is a short
mission, during which a clear message will be given to the protagonists: It
is time to find a political agreement. That will be the message, according
to a diplomatic source who was contacted by Radio Metropole.
This visit is taking place at one of the most difficult points in the
history of the negotiations that have been going on for more than a year
now. The Lavalas power gives more importance now to its literacy programme
and calls everybody a terrorist, and the Convergence no longer believes in
the negotiation option.
Paul Denis said: "//We do not have much hope that the Lavalas Family [FL]
will prove itself to be reasonable and wise enough to find a compromise with
us on the basis of a political agreement. We therefore say that while we are
negotiating, we shall carry on with the work of mobilization. We say clearly
to the FL and Aristide that there are three roads open: repression,
negotiation or resignation.//"
7. [21] The Catholic hierarchy has issued an urgent call to the FL and the
Democratic Convergence. The bishops urge the protagonists to find the
indispensable compromise to the resolution of the crisis that resulted from
the 21 May 2000 elections. The Episcopal Conference wants to see an outcome
in the face of the degradation of the general situation of the country.
8. [23] Two days after having voted in favour of the interpellation of the
prime minister, the senators laid down the law regarding the dossier of the
interpellation of the prime minister. They are trying to find a way between
two articles of the constitution. They do not want to put the head of state
in an awkward position.
9. [25] Once again, the Lavalas Family is taking on the sectors that,
according to the FL leaders, are working against the interests of the
population. On the occasion of the 14th anniversary of the massacre that
took place on Vaillant Street on the day of the presidential elections of 29
November 1987, FL interim leader Yvon Neptune underscores the necessity to
improve the living conditions of the people, despite the persistence of the
political crisis.
10. [28] The first international meeting on victims of domestic violence
ended yesterday. The Haitian and foreign participants are satisfied with the
three-day meeting. They hope that the resolutions that were adopted will
make progress the fight against this kind of violence. The concerned
ministries have formed a committee to develop a national plan for the fight
against domestic violence in Haiti.
11. [32] Women's rights organizations questioned the legitimacy of the
Lavalas power during the international seminar on domestic violence. The
feminists denounce the fact that promises made long ago have not been kept,
while Lavalas should have facilitated the progress of the fight against
violence against women.
Source: Radio Metropole, Port-au-Prince, in French 1145 gmt 30 Nov 01
/BBC Monitoring/  BBC.