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9835: Bilingual Christmas celebration planned in Grand Rapids, MI , (fwd)

From: LoveAyiti@aol.com

Rays of Hope for Haiti and the Haitian First Church of the Nazarene invites
anyone in the Grand Rapids/ West Michigan area on Saturday, December 15 to
join us at 7:00PM for our first annual bilingual Christmas gathering.  

This gathering is a gift of song and celebration to both the ever-growing
Haitian community in the Greater Grand Rapids area and those who love the
people of Haiti.

The Church is located at:
1313 Bristol Rd. NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49504
For more information, contact:
Doug Porritt,
Rays of Hope for Haiti

Rays of Hope for Haiti is committed to being a voice for justice, hands for
service, and hearts for the people of Haiti. 

Thank you!