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9836: Re: 9833: Episcopal Conference of Haiti press release (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

“We are taking this opportunity to transmit to our
collaborators in the
pastoral field, to the congregation, the call of the
Holly Father, to
observe on the December 14,a day of prayer, of fast,
and of sharing, 
to obtain from the Lord, peace in the world”

I support this fasting initiative; I call upon each of
you to fast on that day, To pray the Lord. Let join
hands together, let pray together. God will hear our
prayer, and I believe if we pray sincerely with faith,
the Lord will answer our Request. 
Haitians, Friends of Haiti let us prepare for that Day
That. Call your friends, call your acquaintances, if
you are a college student and have a student Haitian
organization ask the students to reserve that day for
prayer and fasting for Haiti. Those of you who are
Pastors, religious leaders and concern about Haiti
eternal crisis, Please join in.
I call upon each and everyone, whether you are a
Catholic, Protestant, Adventist, non-Denomination,
voodooist, Jehovah Witness and so on, An nou Pryé

I’m a diehard Catholic, you are a diehard Protestant,
or Adventist, we are people, we are human being, our
people are suffering and I believe God can intervene
and change the heart of Haiti current leaders. 
Let us make December 14 a Day of Fast and Prayer For
Haiti our sweet home.

Joseph Alfred, Teacher
P.O. BOX 334
Smyrna, GA 30081

--- Bob Corbett <corbetre@webster.edu> wrote:
> From: Robert Benodin <r.benodin@worldnet.att.net>
> Episcopal Conference of Haiti press release
> November 30, 2001
> The Lord said: “I have indeed seen the misery of my
> people. I have heard
> them crying out, and I am concerned about their
> suffering.” (EX 3:7)
> Towards us too, Bishops, the anguish and the cry of
> the Haitian people are
> rising. This is why convened in Episcopal
> Conference, we want today and in
> this place, to echo their lamentations. The country
> and the people are
> exhausted. Their lamentations are tearing our
> hearts: Cries of despair and
> cries of anguish reflecting their distress. However
> from many citizens we
> are hearing, the roar of the revolt protesting the
> lack of concern for their
> suffering, the lack of respect for their human
> dignity, the indecency of the
> scandalous lies to deceive them. With the people, we
> denounce all these
> humiliating deceptions.
> The year 2000 elections were spoiled by grave
> irregularities, which
> constitute one of the principal elements of the
> crisis. We recognize
> however, that the protagonists went through many
> stages, which seem to
> yield, few positive results. One could then believe
> in good faith, that they
> were motivated by good will, in the search of an
> agreement. But when one
> analyzes thoroughly the actual situation, searching
> deep into the facts; one
> finds himself facing ambivalent positioning
> condemned energetically by the
> whole country.
> Today, in concert with the people and in their name,
> we demand unequivocal
> gestures. It is time that the given word to be
> respected and kept as a word
> of honor. All solutions, certainly in this
> circumstance, require sacrifices
> and abnegation from all sides. It is not for us
> Bishops; to dictate the
> clauses of the indispensable understanding that one
> is searching for, an
> agreement in good faith that must be respected
> scrupulously. It is
> nevertheless, in our responsibility, to emphasize
> that with the agreement,
> it is also necessary to have a profound structural
> reform, respecting the
> principles of separation of power.
> It is our responsibility as well and above all, to
> call upon the conscience
> of the political leaders, men and women of all
> tendencies and all
> sensibilities, for at last they listen to the outcry
> of impatience rising
> dangerously to their hears, for them to intervene
> and act upon the atrocious
> suffering of the people, for them to accept, if it
> is necessary, to lose, to
> let the people win. From both sides, they should be
> ready even to “lose
>  face” to save their brothers and sisters, for which
> they clam, that they
> are defending their causes. For “The greatest among
> you should be like the
> youngest, and the one who rules like the one who
> serves.” (LK 22:26.) Jesus
> himself became a servant, even a slave. (PHP 2:6-8.)
> The Episcopal Conference, by a supplication coming
> from the heart, invites,
> exhorts and implores Lafanmi Lavalas, la Convergence
> Démocratique, all
> sectors of the national life, to transcend the
> partisan contingencies,
> raising themselves at the level to place the entire
> nation’s interest before
> theirs. They must accept, in a spirit of
> self-sacrifice, to surrender even
> their legitimate interests to the interest of social
> peace. They must give
> proof of their civism, of their patriotism and of
> their unselfishness. The
> whole nation will owe them a dept of gratitude.
> We are taking this opportunity to transmit to our
> collaborators in the
> pastoral field, to the congregation, the call of the
> Holly Father, to
> observe on the December 14, a day of prayer, of
> fast, and of sharing, to
> obtain from the Lord, peace in the world. The Pope
> is addressing the
> Catholics.  Here we would like to associate all our
> Christian brothers, all
> men of good will, for with one heart we beg the Lord
> to have mercy on us.
> This Press release has the signature of:
> Bshp. Hubert Constant, Bishop of Fort Liberté, ECH
> president
> Bshp. Louis Kébreau, Bishop of Hinche, ECH sec.
> General
> Bshp. Francois Gayot, Bishop of Cap Haitian
> Bshp. Frantz Colimon, Bishop of Port-de-Paix
> Bshp. Joseph Serge Miot, Archbishop coadjutor of
> Port-au-Prince
> Bshp. Pierre Antoine Paulo, Bishop coadjutor of
> Port-de-Paix
> Bishp. Guire Poulard, Bishop of Jacmel, ECH
> vice-president
> Bshp Francois W. Ligondé, Archbishop of
> Port-au-Prince
> Bshp. Emmanuel Constant, Bishop of Gonaives
> Bshp. Willy Romélus, Bishop of Jérémie
> Bshp. Joseph Lafontant, Bishop auxiliary of
> Port-au-Prince

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