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9878: re Lissade: Slavin on Anonymous Post (fwd)

From: PSlavin@unicefusa.org

Re the anonymous post about Garry Lissade's background, first I can only
ridicule the author for being concerned about his/her identity. Lissade's
Duvalierist, or neo-Duvalierist, background is well-known  ?? and I don't
think your post comes close to the vitriol Lissade has received for his
serving on the Préval commission (charged with investigating parliamentary
elections) or as Minister of Justice.

But my bigger point is to say to you: get over it. (Bob: pls excuse three
short sentences on South Africa) Look, the African National Congress has
recently formed an alliance with the former National Party, the same people
who are culpable for apartheid. Mandela invited his jailers on Robben
Island to his inauguration. Part of the rationale for both of these acts
was that South Africans decided to look forward, not back ?? and to send
important signals to their countrymen and women to do the same. If South
Africans can do that, then condemning a citizen for taking a great personal
risk to serve in one of the highest profile (and highly frustrating) public
posts because of decisions he made nearly 20 years ago, is highly

During the Cedras reign, Jean-Claude Bajeux told me that he regretted
François Benoit's (a national hero for his courage in fighting the
Duvaliers) decision to support Bazin -- that Bazin's naked unpopularity
would discredit Benoit and keep him from serving in future, legitimate
governments. "We are a small country and we can't afford to keep talented
people from making government contributions," he told me, in a poorly
remembered quote. Hear, hear.