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9880: Fanmi Lavalas Press Release : December 4, 2001 (fwd)

From: Kevin Pina <kpinbox@hotmail.com>

Fanmi Lavalas Press Release:
December 4, 2001

Fanmi Lavalas suffers greatly whenever a brother or sister falls victim to 
an act of violence.  When violence is repeated and causes death, the 
suffering becomes even greater and becomes of greater concern.

In Petite Goave, Ceus Duverger, a security agent for the port.(APN)lies in a 
bed at the hospital, with his body cut up by machetes.  Brignol Lindor, an 
employee of the port, who was also a journalist, lost his life from this 
same violence.

Two young men, the children of Petite Goave, the children of the nation. One 
family is in mourning. The other family is fighting to prevent him from 

Fanmi Lavalas shares their pain, this violence brought in the life of the 
population of Petite Goave and in the press community, while we're inviting 
all good patriots serving with understanding, kindness and tolerance, for us 
to fight together all that is causing and provoking violence and death.

For Fanmi Lavalas:

Jonas Petit

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