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9898: E-Letter fr St Marc (fwd)

From: Jedidiah <his_voidness@yahoo.com>

 A few years back I was the first person to post
to the Corbett Village list from Hayti, or at 
least from a public cyber cafe. Today I have the
stupendous privilege of posting from the first
cyber cafe in that bustling burg, St Marc.

Right across the Grand Rue from Sogebank, in
a typical 19th century two door depot spot,
is the Cyber Cafe "becknet.com". Becknet does
not, in fact, exist at this time, but the
cafe does. I haven't done a nslookup, but no
page loads for becknet.com. Perhaps it will.

They are using a teleco dialup right now,
and I paid 20 dollah HT for the privilege,
rather than the 10 dolla which is usual in
PauP, but it works. Teleco has a dialup network.
I am connected at 26K from St Marc. Amazing.

When the kourant came on this friday nite I rushed
out to be able to post and read mail from this
new cyber slot. They have no battery pack or delco
yet, but a half dozen new fast computers are here.

We had no fresh water from the municipal supply
for four days, and no power since last Samdi,
but soon I am off to the Disco.

Rave On!

Jedidia Daudi Lyall,

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