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9908: Similarities between a Lavalas and a Taliban spokesman ? (fwd)

From: Paul Louissaint <totalcapital@email.com>

In a "real country" minister Guy Paul would have been fired. 
I was just reading News from Haiti in French on Radio Metropole's site. I came across an article about the journalist Brignol Lindor who was cut in pieces with machete by a mob in Petit-Goave.
I was horrified when I read the declaration of the Minister of Culture and Communication, Guy Paul, saying (translation)

<<Brignol Lindor was not killed as a ournalist but as a member of the 'Democratic Convergence'>>

What does that mean ?
Can a member of the 'Democratic Convergence' (or anyone) be killed with impunity ?
How come he knows Lindor was not killed as a journalist ?
Mr Guy Paul should be available to the judicial system of Haiti because he must know something that we do not know which would probably help the investigation of that "execution".

In the same article they quoted the declaration of 2 congressmen Jean Candio and Serge Métellus saying that the Haitian Press is part of a plot against Lavalas as an excuse or an explanation for the execution of "Brignol

These 2 comments remind me of a press conference done by a Taliban official during which he was showing the Bible and other Christian books that were distributed by the foreign aid workers to some afghanis as an explanation to their inculpation.

In a "real country" minister Guy Paul would have been fired. Every Haitian has the moral duty to stand up against violence no matter where it comes from - We must speak up against his nondemocratic declarations. There are no excuses to the violent "execution" of Brignol Lindor".

Aristide is the last hope for Haiti and he has the duty to make sure that he has competent officials in his government or at least make sure that his ministers have the simplest common sense. 

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