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9909: Question - RE: 9901,9895,and many others. (fwd)

From: "Fr. Michael Graves" <harchim@yahoo.com>

Dear Listmanager, Listmembers and readers/writers,
   Although I promised myself that I would not get
deeply-involved in the political arena now that I am
back on the list, I must pose a question. It's a
simple question from a simple person who has lived a
simple life in haiti for 15 years, and it needs only a
simple answer.
   The question: Why is it that all those journalists 
and Convergence people and anti-Lavalas folks never
mobilize themsleves in trying to pressure the US
government to extradite Emmanuel ("Toto") Constant?
They seem to concentrate on trying to show the
failings of Lavalas, but don't seem to be concerned
about the former leader of FRAPH, an organization
which was responsible for the murder of thousands of
Haitiens during the Cedras "reign of terror". An
organization, by the way, which was supported or
condoned by most of the present opposition people.
   The opposition people would love to blame Lavalas
for the murders of Jean Dominique and Lindor, and
probably even the murders of George and Antoine
Izmery, Father Vincent, Guy Mallary Amos Jeannot and
others if they could get away with it.
   Come on, folks, let's start reading between the

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