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9907: Laleau replies to Corbett on internet priority

From: NLaleau@aol.com

Dear Bob--You may be right, but perhaps more access to the internet in
would be like opening a huge window to the outside world. There is a lot
information that could be made available to local grassroots groups, and
though perhaps only some of their members are literate, I still think
would be a formidable dissemination of information. It may not be in quite 
the same league as the effect of the widespread use of transistor radios, 
which are accessible to illiterate people, but it could also spur
and even be used as a tool for literacy.  Literacy teachers all over the 
country could download materials to use with their classes, agricultural 
organizers could download materials to use with agricultural coops, etc. I 
think it could take Haiti up a quantum leap, in the right hands.