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9911: Re: 9902: Re: 9898: E-Letter fr St Marc (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

Can the budget of Haiti support these expenses ?

It does not have to be the government; people in the
community should get involved. At this present moment
there is a cyber café at Saint-Marc, the government
did not initiate it. I urge other folks to create some
cyber cafés in their own region, create competition
and team up with the people in your town to make it
available in the library.  I believe in competition.
Competition=better service + cheaper price;
I find that amazing instead of congratulating this
pioneer and inviting others to do the same, I see
electricity, too expensive, people don’t find food,
since 1977 we have an energy problem in Haiti and many
folks have their own generator and this problem will
not be solved any time soon.
For God sake when someone did something meaningful,
just have the honesty to say thank you instead
bringing other problem. What have you done for your
country? What have you done for your parent homeland?
If you are from a remote place in Haiti, get together
and invest, you can put telephone, electricity, cable,
water, internet, library, small dispensaire, help fix
the road that lead to your region. You don’t need the
government to start doing something for your hometown.
You can be a lobbyist for your country. There is a
life in Haiti beside politic, stop talking nonsense in
your birth place or your parent birth place. There is
no morgue, no electricity, no running water, no
dispensaire, no secondary school, no roads, if you are
going to wait for the government, you may have to wait
for another millenium. Get real, face the fact and
help your 

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