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9912: Re 9908: Similarities between a Lavalas and a Taliban spokesman ? Antoine comments (fwd)

From: GUY S ANTOINE <guyantoine@windowsonhaiti.com>

Damn!  I am not in a position to defend any member of the Lavalas government, 
but this simply is a frontal assault on my common sense.  I am 100% certain
that this << "Brignol Lindor was not killed as a journalist but as a member of the 
'Democratic Convergence'>>  is not ALL that Guy Paul said, unless he is a
bumbling idiot, with half the brains of a chicken.  Why don't you trust us
and give us the full declaration before making supercilious references to the
Taliban and asking for the head of Guy Paul (whom I do not know and have
no intention to defend whatsoever).  Perhaps the decision you have already
reached is the correct one, but I certainly will not be led to it based on half a
sentence surely extracted from a much larger context.  Then again, you may
have reached the wrong conclusion, so please take the time to present some
decent argumentation before asking us to embark on what could be a witch

Note that from the preceding paragraph, one could extract a sequence of
my words to imply that Antoine said: "the decision you have reached is the
correct one".  Please...!!!

>>  In a "real country" minister Guy Paul would have been fired. 

Haiti IS a real country the last time I checked, whether you support its
government or not.  Let's not continue with defaming our country even 
when choosing to deface its government.

>> Every Haitian has the moral duty to stand up against violence no matter 
where it comes from.


>> We must speak up against his nondemocratic declarations. 

Agreed, if such they were.  But was this the extent of what he had to say?

>> There are no excuses to the violent "execution" of Brignol Lindor".

There is ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE for this truly barbaric act, NO
MATTER WHO is the victim. Lajistis ann Ayiti te mEt kokobe men nou
pa kab pEmEt li kontinye ap drive nan labou konsa.