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9913: Michel Soukar on Radio Caraibes (fwd)

From: Pierre Jean <pierrejean01@yahoo.com>

For those of you who live in Haiti:

I listened to Michel Soukar's radio program on Radio
Caraibes yesterday morning (Show called "Ranmasse"),
and I must say I was quite shaken up by his
allegations regarding JBA's wealth. What surprised me
was (1) the wealth of details and (2) his claims that
he has proof of what he said.

The show will be re-broadcast again this week. I think
Mr. Soukar should be challenged to produce the proof
of his allegations. If he does, we may be in for some
interesting and entertaining moments. If he can't,
then he should be banned from speaking on Haitian
politics forever.

If anyone else listened to it, I would be curious to
know what you thought of it.

Pierre Jean

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