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9914: Do you know of this orphanage?? (fwd)

From: Micki Miller Earwood <goose_112594@yahoo.com>

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I have a question-- I'm not sure exactly how good my
information is, as I got it from my late Grandmother's
scrapbook, which can no longer be located, and my
memory may not be as accurate as I would like-- in, I
believe, 1966 my Granfather went to Haiti as a
missionary after a hurricane (I think.) He helped
build an orphanage while he was there for 6 weeks,
then he brought back many slides of Haiti and raised
money through his church for the orphanage. What
articles I read in the scrapbook said that the
orphanage was named after him. His name was Perry
Thomas Miller (he went by "Tom" or "Thomas" Miller.)
He died the following year-- I never had the pleasure
of knowing him. My Dad, his son, died this year, and
it means a lot to me to find out about this "family
history," and I would like to get more involved, if
possible.I know that my Grandmother made at least 2
trips to Haiti since his death and visited this place.
They lived in Sycamore, Ohio, and attended a church
called Our Masters Chapel. I believe there were other
men from the area who came to help also. She also
corresponded with someone from the orphanage for many
years after. I can't remember the name of the
town/village where this orphanage was built. Does
anyone out there know anything about what I am
describing?? Is the orphanage still there even?? If
so, what can I do to help with it??? Please let me


coMicki Miller-Earwood 

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