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9915: Re: Comments by Cahmberlain and Pierre Jean (fwd)

From: "Fr. Michael Graves" <harchim@yahoo.com>

Well, it looks like my promise to myself regarding not
getting deeply into the Haitien political arena will
not be able to be kept. I apparently hit upon a
subject which was waiting for comment. I sincerely
appreciate the comments by Pierre Jean of Haiti, and
pretty-much appreciate the comments by Greg
Chamberlain from France.
   Pierre Jean, who lives here in Haiti amongst the
problems, does not appear to disagree with my question
regarding "Toto", but adds even more names to the
list. (I had most of those names, but chose not to go
beyond the current Constant situation.) Maybe I should
set-out to take photos of the palaces built by some of
the former Duvallier/Cedras/Macoute functionaries for
themselves; the ones who still live here and still
live as if they are in charge.
   I agree with the "out of sight; out of mind"
explanation from Pierre Jean, and wholeheartedly agree
that we need to set our sights on the problems which
surround us here in Haiti, but a good number of those
other "sights" have fled Haiti also, most living in
the USA, and I dont see any of the Convergence folks
calling for their extradition either. Raoul Cedras,
Michel Francois, Sonson Elysee, Henry Namphy, and many
others fall into the same category.
   My comments were/are based upon the fact that the
anti-Lavalas groups seize-upon every opportunity to
make it look like Aristide is responsible for
everything bad, but never seem to point the finger at
the ones who caused the bad problems in the first
   Is it possible that to go after those others would
open the secret dossiers of the present opposition?
   Greg Chamberlain responds in a kindly manner, but
he lives in France and is not directly-affected by the
day-to-day goings on here in Haiti. Come on back to
Haiti, Greg, and help us root out all those nasty
persons who are still here, very much in our sight and
in our mind, and vigorously-working to cause
   The Haitien people elected Aristide and it is their
democratic right to have him. If he turns out to be
the wrong one to lead Haiti out of the mire, time will
prove it. It sure is obvious that none of the
convergence people show any better promise.
   Thanks for the responses.

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