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9919: Justice for Mr. Dominique and Mr. Lindor (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

Come on folks; stop wasting your valuable time arguing
against each other. The Gentleman was killed by a mob,
the killer of Jean Dominique is still walking freely
on the street we must ask for the government to take
his responsibility and arrest the perpetrators of
these erroneous crimes. 
	Ask the Haitian senate to vote on Judge Gassant
request, it can go either way, but at least we will
know where we are. At this present moment no arrest
had been made on Mr. Lindor case the gentleman was
lynched in full view.
 To break the code of silence, I think some types of
reward can be offered for either the whistle blower or
for people to come forward to denounce those
Folks most of you are professionals just behave like
Stay away from distraction; keep the pressure on the
government to bring finality on Dominique case and
this recent case as well. 
The Haitian media shall put in front page these two
martyrs until the government makes an arrest. All
radio stations shall dedicate their prime time to send
message to the government and the congress to arrest
the killers of Dominique and Mr. Lindor. 

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