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9919: RE: 9918: Antoine responds to Garry Pierre-Pierre on assassination issue (fwd)

From: GUY S ANTOINE <guyantoine@windowsonhaiti.com>

 >> I do not care why Lindor was killed. Whether he was a journalist or a 
Convergence apologist, the man was hacked to death. That's barbaric 
and there is no way one can justify that. -- Garry Pierre-Pierre

I may be missing something, but I thought I said pretty much the same
thing that Garry repeats in his post.

All I asked for is the full reference of what Guy Paul said and not just
an incomplete sentence.  I thought that as a journalist Garry would have
insisted on the same thing.  Thank you, Paul Louissaint, for responding to 
my request.  I am going to check it out.  But right this minute, I feel 
outraged that Garry would imply that I in turn was excusing the killing 
of a journalist in Haiti.  That's truly hitting below the belt.


Please re-read my post.

Guy S. Antoine

P.S.  Furthermore, I don't understand your reference to Jean Dominique.
Did I say that his death was more or less outrageous?  Curious.