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9918: Re: 9912: Re 9908: Similarities between a Lavalas and a Taliban spokesman ? Antoine comments (fwd)

From: Paul Louissaint <totalcapital@email.com>
kSubject: Re: 9912:  Re 9908: Similarities between a Lavalas and a Taliban
spokesman ? Antoine comments (fwd)

Reply to Guy Antoine

<<Why don't you trust us and give us the full <<declaration before making supercilious <<references to the Taliban and asking for the <<head of Guy Paul (whom I do not know and have
<<no intention to defend whatsoever).>>


Mr Antoine:

 1.- I did give the reference to what I said: The full URL is

 I cannot think of a context that could justify this declaration.

 2.- I sincerely see a real similarity between Guy Paul's declaration and
 a Taliban's press conference about the foreign aid workers that were
 jailed in Afghanistan. A Taliban official was showing a Bible and other
 Christian books as an "obvious" reason to arrest those aid workers.

 3.- Why is it that the press is always a victim  in Haiti ? Why is it
 that Makout or Lavalas always target journalists ? 

 4.- By the way, you did not quote the most important sentence of my
 message: "Aristide is the last chance of our country"
 The convergence is just another group united for the "moment" and they
 only want the POWER.
 They do not represent the majority and have no legitimity. I still
 however do not think that its members should be killed or targeted. They
 should have the right to express their views peacefully as guaranteed by
 our constitution. They should be brought to justice if they use illegal
 means to reach their goals.

 We all love our country. One should keep our eyes open and "call a cat A
 CAT" even when one belongs to the party. I thank GOD that I can freely
 speak my mind without fear. I am not sure that I would have been that
 "brave" if I lived in Haiti. 

 I still hope that Aristide will make a declaration condemning any form of
 public violence by civil group.

 I will finish with a translation of an old french proverb: " The more
 things change, the more they remain the same "