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9918: RE: 9912: Re 9908: Similarities between a Lavalas and a Taliban spokesman ? Antoine comments (fwd)

From: Haitian Times <publisher@haitiantimes.com>

My good friend Guy Antoine is quick to say that he's not defending the
Lavalas government in his posts. But the curious thing is that he does. I do
not care why Lindor was killed. Whether he was a journalist or a Convergence
apologist, the man was hacked to death. That's barbaric and there is no way
one can justify that. Furthermore, wasn't Jean Dominique a close adviser of
Preval and an activist. Is his death less outrageous. I don't think so. So
because Lindor was a supporter of Convergence, his death, or murder is
somehow less sanguine.


garry pierre-pierre