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9940: Senou POV on Public Internet Access in Haiti (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

Nobody had said that the internet is a priority, but I
encourage individual to make it available in his/her
own district. Folks if there were vision, teleco could
have offered free internet access through its existing
line as well as the cable company. It does not take
that much. Why when a good thing is taking root in
Haiti everybody jump and said we are not ready.  When
are we going to be ready? We have loft of expert in
that field, I urge you to work hard and make this
medium available to the people of Haiti to your
brothers and sisters.  
Haitian Citizen, you have tendency to pay more
attention to others than your own people. I understand
that you were hurt and mislead by those you have
trusted but today I ask you to examine for yourselves
and make your own judgment. This medium is available
and accessible to all classes in the US, Canada and
various areas in the world, we can make it available
for our citizen as well. 
Network engineer, electronic, computer specialist and
programmer and so on, we have the skills and the
ability to make it happen in various countries, let
join hands and make it happen in our country.
The first question will be What is my ROI (Return on
Investment) the ROI does not have to be money,
remember you do something for your own community.
Today Thanks to radio vision and other internet sites
in my country, I can keep in touch with what is going
on back home, I can take part or listen to public
debate. I do not feel isolated anymore. 
Remember the government does not have to be involved; 
The gentleman of Saint Marc, Thank you for making this
medium available in our hometown, I know others are
going to make it available also in their own region.
People of La Gonave, Fort-liberte, Pestel,
Oaunaminthe, Hinche and so on, on day like today, I
want to hear some good news, get together where you
are to make it happen.
Why no one had said anything when it was created in
the Capital? 

Joseph Alfred, Educator
W. L. Dept Chair & Boys Soccer Coach
P.O. BOX 334
Smyrna, GA 30081

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