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9969: Re: 9892: Re:9889 Poincy replies to Mihoko (fwd)

From: "[iso-8859-1] Jean Poincy" <caineve@yahoo.fr>

Mihoko said:
> I believe the first and foremost job of a leader is
> to feed
> the empty stomach. 2 Japanese proverbs. You cannot
> fight with empty stomach. When your stomach is
> filled,
> then you can learn to behave properly.

I agree that one can't study or fight with an empty
stomach. However, feeding one's stomach is the sole
responsibility of the individual and not that of a
government or a leader. Contrary to what you think,
the "first and formost job" of a leader or government
is to ensure collective security and that of
individuals as a result. 

A leader is there to finetune a system enabling
individuals to pursue their private interests without
harming each other. This is the mistake Ayitians are
making by thinking that the government should be their
sole provider. When a people is requesting things from
a government, it is simply the necessary means to help
them conducting their private activities.

Considering the chaotic state that Ayiti is in today,
do you believe that the privates can conduct their
economic activities in peace without fearing his/her
neighbor's repression? If the Ayitian government is
present in making sure, there are laws governing
effectively each one's activity, believe me you would
have a very prosperous and lovely Ayiti.

I don't know if I can outline specific ways that would
satisfy your curiosity on how the government needs to
go about getting to work, but I'll try. If the Ayitian
government is able to bring about political stability,
by neutralizing its opponents and by remaining for a
good while in power, it can lay the groundwork
conducive to fruitful private activities with little
or no help from the outside world.

Why do I believe so? The purpose of financial
assistance is to give a little push to something that
is already in the making. Financial assistance is
meaningful when projects are a WORK IN PROGRESS. In
the absence of such, billions of dollars are
worthless. Ayiti has nothing in the making. Ayiti
itself is a "WORK IN REGRESS"

However, we are not going to believe that there is
nothing in Ayiti that the people can put its hands on
to begin working just for the sake of survival. Any
serious government would understand that and begin a
campaign for an appropriate guidance to get things
moving in Ayiti.

All that is needed is production. To produce all that
is needed is nature and labor. Ayiti has it all, but
the people lacks creativity. A creative people would
do well and better without the kind of government that
Ayiti has been having. It was believed once that the
army was Ayiti's problem. That is not so. 

In fact Ayiti's system of government is the problem.
Don't we think it would be best to totally get rid of
that institution and start from scratch? By going that
route, if the people engaged in mutual destruction
over nonsense, they would come down with something
good among themselves.

In the face of personal politics, democratic ideas
can't take roots. For a strong hand is needed to curb
any resistance, provided the government has good
intentions. This approach would not be needed if and
only if tolerance is understood in Ayiti. 

Personal politics don't allow that and Ayitians have
not reached that level yet. The recent commotion about
the journalist is a case in point. This missing
variable in the equation is what makes Ayiti unfit for
democracy, and more so for participatory
democracy/direct democracy.

Ayiti has lived, lives and will live


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