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9976: Re: 9960: Slave narratives (fwd)

From: thor burnham <thorald_mb@hotmail.com>

Slave Narratives:

There is a new slave narrative published this fall that deserves to be 
mentioned in response to the question (one among many), and also because the 
author, Mohammah Gardo Baquaqua, spent two very important and well 
documented years in Haiti. You can tell by his name that he was a Muslim.
  I had the privilege to assist the authors (I was one of a large contingent 
of people who worked on the project) and spent time in various archives in 
Detroit and New York.

I'll provide two links: one for The Harriet Tubman Research Centre on the 
African Diaspora which will give listmembers an idea of some of the work 
being done at York University in Toronto and a second specific URL which 
will take you to the page where the book is listed.

The two editors are Robin Law and Paul E. Lovejoy, two leading Africanists 
who specialize in slavery and the area of the Slave Coast in Africa.

1)  http://www.yorku.ca/nhp/

2)  http://www.yorku.ca/nhp/publications/index.htm
          it's the seventh book down. it will give the publisher etc.

It's a great tool for undergraduates because it starts in Africa, goes to 
Brazil, then to New York, then to Haiti, back to New York and then on to 
Chatham, in Canada West, the most important terminal of the Underground 
Anyway, hope this helps.

Thor Burnham

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