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9975: Barricade burning in the streets (fwd)

From: Paul Louissaint <totalcapital@email.com>

> Re: 9970:  Unrest grips Haitian city over slain journalist (fwd)
> Anti-government demonstrators manned burning barricades on Thursday as protests 

The "leaders" of Haiti have the responsibility to teach their followers on the ways and means to express their frustrations. 
One cannot deny the right of each citizen to protest against whatever he or her chooses to.
However, the way it is done is very important. It is wrong to burn used tires or wooden barricades in the streets of Haiti. No one will say that because they all use it, would it be Lavalas, Convergence, Makoutes and others.
The sad thing is that by doing so:
1.- We burn the asphalt and create more pot holes in the already inadequate haitian road system. This implies more expenses for the country to fix these holes (if they are ever fixed...)
2.- It is not good for the health of those burning these tires because we all know that these fumes are highly toxic.
3.- It is not good for the environment.

It is also wrong and illegal to destroy houses, kill someone....

Our "leaders" have the responsibility to come together (at least this time) and condemn this type of self destructive behavior, which, down the road only cost more frustration and more expenses for Haiti and Haitians. Once again, I would suggest that Lavalas and Convergence sit down, define and publish the "rules of the game".


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