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9992: Kreyol Documents (including Haitian Constitution) on the web (fwd)

From: Jean Saint-Vil <jafrikayiti@hotmail.com>


Following our earlier exchanges, here is an update presenting some very 
significant documents which are now very readily available on the 
net(limited only by the fact that most of the world doesn't yet know of 
their existence!).

The individual URLs:

Konstitisyon d Ayiti (an kreyol):

Gid pwofesè 4 chemen konnen:

Liv aprenan 4 chemen konnen:

Kaye egzèsis 4 chemen konnen:


So, the situation is changing; more and more quality, consistent, HC
literature is being made more widely available, a lot of it online.
Unfortunately, it's not because of recent Haitian Government initiative, but 
via individual initiatives of Haitians (like M. Joseph Prophète) & some true 
friends of Haiti in the diaspora , as you can plainly see from the URLs on 
the MIT2 Creole Links Page. Marilyn Mason of MIT2 is a true friend of Haiti 
who is also on this list. She may wish to comment further on this matter.

Many thanks to all of these wonderful individuals. It is my sincere hope 
that the Haitian government will follow with action to at least use data 
from these links (free of charge !!! - no «Shango grant» necessary) to make 
the official government websites available in both official languages. This 
would show due respect to Article 40 of the Constitution which makes it an 
OBLIGATION for the government to make all important documents such as Laws, 
decrees, international accords, official speeches etc...available to the 
Haitian people in their official languages (Kreyòl and French).


«Fòk jou a rive pou Ayiti rele Ayisyen chèmèt chèmètrès tout bon vre...»

«Depi nan Ginen bon nèg ap ede nèg!»

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