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9993: The Dominique case and the Passiveness of the Haitian Media (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

The Dominique case and the passiveness of the Haitian
the mandate of Judge Gassant on the Dominique case
will expire on January. The Haitian one sided senate
had refused to debate the request of judge Gassant.
The immunity commission had notified the people that a
recommendation was going to be made to the full Senate
on whether to revoke or not the immunity of their
colleague, but one thing remains certain there will be
justice for Jean L. Dominique. Solving Dominique case
will deter others from abusing their power and will
make everyone accountable for his/her own action. The
Gentleman was killed, somebody with power is
responsible, the state of Haiti has the duty to find
that individual. 
At this moment the Senator has not been accused, the
judge wants to question him like many others and
revoking his immunity will make him available or force
him legally to answer some questions. Base on his
answers the judge might even call other prominent
leader of the Lavalas movement to answer more
questions about the assassination of the Haitian
Legend Jean L. Dominique. 
It is unfortunate that Haiti does not have
investigative reporters who could have investigated in
dept the assassination of the Haitian Legend. he had
shared the view of the poor but his documentaries were
not bias like most of these journalists in the Haitian
media today who are compromising that noble
profession. (NB: I do not say all, we still have a few
good one) A journalist has to be neutral and report
news as it is without taking side. At this current
moment most Haitian journalists are restating what
foreign medias are reporting on Dominique, which is
pitiful. They suppose to put Dominique and Lindor in
front page every day as well all radio stations should
spend more time talking about the need to find these
killers, instead they remain passive waiting for the
next one to fall. Something is wrong: At this present
moment the killer (s) of The Haitian Legend Mr. Jean
L. Dominique and Mr. Lindor are walking freely on the

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