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a23: Re: a 17: "No comments" Dorce to Allen (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

In a message dated 12/18/2001 5:45:56 AM Pacific Standard Time, Joe Allen 
<jaallen1@bellsouth.net> writes:

<<  The " no comments" issued by the members of convergence was disturbing; I
 initially thought it was a missed opportunity to take a principled position
 and defend democratic values.  The convergence I felt needed to dissociate
 itself from these unfortunate events.
     After speaking to many friends in Haiti , it now becomes clear that
 there is a new angle to the story.  Is it spin from a reactive sector that
 is ready to accuse Aristide no matter what? >>
You could have stopped right here Dr. Allen.  And let me answer, it is spin 
from a reactive sector that is ready to accuse Aristide no matter what.  Your 
initial response was no doubt the right one, as unpalatable as it is to you 
and your friends in Haiti.  
<<Although  we do not yet have a clear culprit for the attacks, we at
least know that the pro-lavalas mobs have performed in the same predictable
manner  since 1990,  this time minus the necklaces (Pe Lebrun).  The "bayo
sa yo merite" is still the "modus operandi".>>
This performance by mobs of pro-lavalas people is the only way they have ever 
been able to sample a tiny taste of justice.  If you want people to behave 
civilly, perhaps it would be wise to give them a little respect and 
dignity.......oh yes, and justice.  They will not sit idly by and let another 
coup happen.  It's way too costly.  
<<If it is clear that the perpetrators of the coup must be punished to the 
full extent of the law, one should not diminish the need to bring to justice 
the pro- Aristide
arsonists.  Two wrongs do not make a right!
What a lovely sentiment!  I'm sorry you don't show the same indignation when 
the convergence behaves undemocratically.  The people are trying to thwart a 
coup that most likely had covert approval from the international community.  
You reveal yourself when you disregard majority class Haitians as mindless 
<<The application of democratic principles is the only measure of ones
commitment to those principles.>>
NOW you're talking Doctor!  Let's see if the educated, sophisticated, 
superior in all ways Convergence can live by those principles.

Kathy Dorce~