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a24: Haitian faces 19th century racism today...(Saint-Vil (fwd)

From: Jean Saint-Vil <jafrikayiti@hotmail.com>


I am sorry but I must ask some of you why it is so easy for you to beleive 
the Haitian Government staged this attack. How would you react, as an 
American, if they accused the Bush government of staging the September 11th 

Sometimes, when I read the ease with which, people fall for the 19th century 
cliché of «wicked black dictator capable of the most despicable acts», I 
lose hope for our humanity.

Are you sure race as nothing to do with these conclusions, ladies and 

By the way, the people some of you are calling «mobs» are my brothers and 
sisters. They live in my «slum» of Carrefour-Feuilles. They live in Site 
Soley, in Bèlè. They are the ones who took to the streets in 1956 when the 
U.S. and its house niggers overthrew the government of Daniel Fignolé. Then, 
Magloire massacred so many of them, the history books chose not to give an 
clear account. I, personally, was with these «mobs» on January 6, 1991 when 
Roger Lafontant tried a coup to overthrow their elected president even 
before he took office. I was with them when the CIA -trained FAdH and FRAPH 
went to their houses at night and murdered the young men, raped their 
sisters - as explained earlier by Mambo Racine. I have video tapes of these 
«mobs» of young black men, middle-aged women (street vendors), peasants 
coming from the mountains of Mòn Lopital, of Kenskòf, carrying rocks and 
tree branches, putting their lives in danger to defend what they beleive is 
right. Dear Jeff, if you know not what you are talking about please ask 
those who have been there and they will tell you. I still have bullet shells 
from the 1991 coup, that I picked up in front of my house, after a night of 
terror. My PEOPLE are not MOBS. These empovrished black people are no more 
barbaric or mob-like than the angry population that ransacked U.S. cities 
during the 60 s because White Supremacy continued to murder their brothers 
and sisters in all impunity. You cannot compared them with the drunkened 
American or Canadian Hockey fans who ransack downtown stores in Montreal or 
Philly, while celebrating their team's victory or loss. No, Jeff, you have 
it wrong this time and it hurts greatly. So, I tell it to you like it is. 
The Haitian way!

Furthermore, knowing the Haitians in Miami, they did not only point to the 
fact that Baby Bush's government is illegally stopping IDB loans to Haiti. 
These simple, hard working and brave men and women must have also pointed 
out that it is CRIMINAL and illegal for the IRI (International Republican 
Institute) to be spending millions of dollars to finance rebels in Haiti. 
Imagine the Canadian government distributing money to the Florida Democratic 
party to stage street demonstrations against the Republican elected 
President, after the debacle of Novembere 2000???. Imagine that violence 
breaks as a result....no you can't even imagine it because....?

As it happened in Rwanda, the foreigners plant the seeds of inter-African 
hatred and then they wash their hands when the war starts...claiming not to 
understand why these MOBS are killing each other.

The President of Haiti has called for all to stop practicing violence. This 
MUST go not only for the bear-foot black people in the streets, but also for 
the three-piece suited barbaric war-mongers of all colorsrace and creed that 
are very much responsible for the current situation.

Haiti will never give up her right to self determination. Face it and deal 
with it!

«Tout bèt jennen mòde» - Black Haitian «mob» saying
«The most dangerous man in the world is the man who has nothing left to 
lose» - Most honourable Malik Shabazz el Shabazz

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From: Bob Corbett <corbetre@webster.edu>
To: Haiti mailing list <haiti@lists.webster.edu>
Subject: a 17:  "No comments" (fwd)
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2001 07:29:13 -0600 (CST)

From: Joe Allen <jaallen1@bellsouth.net>

from: Jaallen1@bellsouth.net

   The " no comments" issued by the members of convergence was disturbing; I
initially thought it was a missed opportunity to take a principled position
and defend democratic values.  The convergence I felt needed to dissociate
itself from these unfortunate events.
     After speaking to many friends in Haiti , it now becomes clear that
there is a new angle to the story.  Is it spin from a reactive sector that
is ready to accuse Aristide no matter what?
    Many observers now believe that Aristide and his cronies may have
fabricated the crisis.  Since one cannot denounce something that does not
exist, I now interpret the "no comments" to mean that the opposition views
the events with great skepticism.
     The version of events proposed by the Aristide government resembles
greatly the one developed last summer when the former military academy was
attacked.  To put it mildly, the current version has more holes than Swiss
and does not withstand a rigorous analysis.  This invites the wildest
speculations, from drug dealing to political expediency. Having said that, I
must admit that the police force may indeed be that bad and not know where
the attackers went.
     Although  we do not yet have a clear culprit for the attacks, we at
least know that the pro-lavalas mobs have performed in the same predictable
manner  since 1990,  this time minus the necklaces (Pe Lebrun).  The "bayo
sa yo merite" is still the "modus operandi".  Reporteurs Sans Fromtieres
accuses the pro-lavalas sector of orchestrating the attacks to the
opposition, that resulted in extensive material damage.
     We will have to wait for more details from the government in order to
form a definitive opinion on the coup or auto-coup.  If it is clear that the
perpetrators of the coup must be punished to the full extent of the law, one
should not diminish the need to bring to justice the pro- Aristide
arsonists.  Two wrongs do not make a right!
      The application of democratic principles is the only measure of ones
commitment to those principles.
Joseph A. Allen DDS
     Miami, Fl

«Depi nan Ginen bon nèg ap ede nèg!»

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