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a125: Re: a124: Haitian journalists: Chamberlain replies to Grey (fwd)

From: Racine125@aol.com

<< Yes, we all remember Jackie Caraibe and others (including you, Kathy, if 
you want a look in...)>>

What does that mean?  And let me tell you, I was twice held at gunpoint - 
once by the Haitian Army and once by FRAPH.  I was also nearly killed by a 
grenade thrown into a crowd by a Haitian Army officer during a demonstration 
in support of the reinstallation of Evans Paul.  One of my colleagues at 
Reuter's, a cameraman, got shot in the head by a FRAPH member during the UN 
<< What do you suggest these fellahs should do in these circumstances, then?>>

I think they should start offering objective coverage of the news!  I think 
they should make themselves to be men, stop whining, and apply the same 
standards to the political "leaders" they support (and I use the term 
"leader" loosely) as they do to those they dislike!

<< Do you think they all became journalists knowing that this magic Hour of 
the Visa would come?>>

No, but for the most part I do not believe that their lives are in danger.

 <<Perhaps even deliberately working towards it by criticising the regime?>>

I do think that people in both camps can be opportunists, and that these 
folks take certain actions in order to "color" their claim to persecution.  I 
am a consultant to Boston area lawyers representing clients with claims to 
political asylum, and you know what I have had so far?  One guy who claimed 
that "Lavalas" had killed his mother, father, and brother... but then changed 
his story on all three.  Another who claimed that anti-Lavalas people were 
after him, but then it turned out that he was the son on of the anti-Lavalas 
mayor of his town, and was being sought by people from whom he had extorted 
money.   A woman who claimed to have been beaten and sexually assaulted in 
the presence of her sister, but whose sister, in an on-site interview in 
Haiti, said, "Nothing like that ever happened to my sister, she just made 
that up to make her visa go faster.  Her five children are here with me, 
can't you do something to speed things up?"
<< Keep yer eye on the ball, Kath...  >>

That is rude and patronizing.  And my name is not "Kath". 

Peace and love,

Bon Mambo Racine Sans Bout Sa Te La Daginen

"Se bon ki ra" - Good is rare
     Haitian Proverb

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