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a138: Lindor/Duvergé in Petit-Goâve: Chamberlain replies to Pina (fwd)

From: Greg Chamberlain <GregChamberlain@compuserve.com>

Kevin Pina writes:

> Interesting you should you bring up this point about 
> Duverge's attack proceeding Lindor's death. I have 
> re-read and counted the number of times Duverge's 
> attack was written about versus the number of times 
> it was omitted in AP and Reuters stories. I suggest 
> you do the same and you will clearly see it has been 
> pretty lopsided reportage.


I'm sure you're right that it wasn't mentioned every time in Reuter and AP.

Maybe you think a guy (Duvergé) getting beaten up, 
seriously hurt etc. has the same "news value" as a guy 
(Lindor) actually having his head chopped off (which is 
what I understand happened, apart from "just" getting killed).

You choose...

After all, Lindor was "suspected" of not being "on-side."  
Just as you might, as a white man with an American
passport and money enough for an air ticket out, 
be suspected of being "CIA" at some difficult street
moment in PauP and be disposed of without more ado
as you yelled in vain:  "But I love the president!" but were
not heard, understood or believed.  Good luck!

        Greg Chamberlain