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a139: My Statement to the Press Jessie Ewald Benoît (fwd)

From: Stanley Lucas <slucas@iri.org>

My Statement to the Press

I, Jessie Ewald Benoît, wife of Victor Benoît, who is the Coordinator of KONAKOM
and one of the leaders of the Democratic Convergence, certify and attest that:

1.- On Monday, December 17, 2001, at 12: 00 A.M. (noon), a commando of mercenaries acting on behalf of Lavalas irrupted at our residence located at Lilavois.  There were four (4) vehicles loaded with heavily armed men:
- one Toyota Four Runner, color black, without license plate
- one official Nissan patrol car, color white, license plate # 0824;
- one Toyota with double passenger compartment, without license plate;
- one Toyota RAV4, color black.

2.- That commando's mission was to kill Victor Benoit and any living being (persons and animals) found at the site.  When they arrived, we were all present: myself, Victor Benoît, three (3) adult parents and four (4) teenagers, when they arrived.  After creating a state of panic at the residence of our immediate neighbors, our would-be assassins invaded the yard of our residence.  They set the house afire room by room, focusing mainly on closed areas.  Our life was only spared thanks to a chain of solidarity spontaneously organized by the residents of Lilavois.

3.- I accuse the National Police of Haiti, and particularly the police station of Bon Repos, for FAILING TO ASSIST PERSONS IN DANGER. I accuse Lavalas for assassination attempt against myself and my husband Victor Benoît, as well as those family members who where in the house with us.

4.- I want to point out to the Haitian people that yesterday the attack was against members of the press, namely Jean Dominique and Brignol Lindor; today, it is against members of the Democratic Convergence, namely Victor Benoît, Gérard Pierre Charles and other leaders and members of the Convergence; tomorrow, it will be against all sectors of the Haitian people struggling for a free and democratic society.

Let's all keep on struggling, let's not be afraid, let's get together for that great chain of solidarity which must stop the dictatorship.