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a155: Albert Dorelien responds to claims he was involved in attempted coup

This is a note that my brother Albert Dorelien wrote to the Miami Herald.
I will appreciate it if you post it on the list.


I am writing this note in regard to your paper Authorities detain Miami
businessman following attack on Dec. 17, published on Thursday, December
27, 2001 by the Miami Herald. I am really surprised by how my name became
linked with the so-called Coup Detat against Aristides government.  

Here are some points that I would like to clarify for you.

I have been living in Boston Mass since 1997. 

I often travel to Haiti, in fact the last time I visited Haiti was just
this past October. 

I do own a house in Haiti and there is no one living there except for the
house caretaker who lived in his quarters.  I do not know how people can
access inside to hold any political meeting. 

Unless there is an unknown reason behind the raid of my house I truly
believe that is one of the many reasons that pointed out that the December
17 events are a political scenario mounted by the Aristide government to
eliminate all potential opponents inside and outside of the lavalasse

At this point my only concern is: 

Why the house caretaker, Jean-Pierre Dumelse, has been arrested and beaten
by the police special forces (SIMO)?

If they knew that I am not leaving in Haiti, Why I am researched by the
Haitian Police?

In fact several high-ranking officials of the actual government know my
whereabouts very well, they know that I am not involved in anyway to the
situation in Haiti. They have all my coordinates here in the USA they used
to and can contact me at any time.  They were very closed to the family. I
am asking myself why they didn't come out and tell the truth.

Are they also afraid for their security? 

I have been for so long an advocate of a state of right in Haiti that I am
saddened by the fact that my name is today link with an act of terror.

I have no problem to talk to any person in regard to that matter, I will
be more than happy to talk to any Haitian police to clarify this matter.
If there is anything to be said I can be reached at
alda.dorelien@verizon.net or at (617) 442-5249.

Best regards 

Albert Dorelien