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a156: Edwige Dorelien replies to a148

From: Edwige Dorelien <edorelien@nac.net>

I am a member of this email distribution list since 1996 and I was pleased
to see that everyone can freely give his opinion. I rarely comment on
Haiti political events by fear of retaliation against my family members
who are living in Haiti. But after the fabricated coup d'etat in Haiti, I
am forced to denounce the desperate lies of the police spokesperson Dady
Simeon in his search to prove the existence of a plot against the

I knew the so-called third suspect, Jean Dumel since he was a child. His
real name is Jean-Pierre Dumesle, my family raised him and he is the
caretaker of my brother's house, Albert Dorelien, who resides in Boston
since 1996.

Jean Pierre was arrested by the Haitian Police in order to try to link the
Dorelien family to the stage coup. Everybody in Haiti knows the Dorelien
and two high members of the government of Haiti, the actual prime
minister, Jean-Marie Cherestal and Jean Francois Chamblain they know
Albert Dorelien very well, they know that he is not involved in anyway to
the situation in Haiti. They have his phone numbers in Boston and they
were very closed to the family. I am asking myself why they didn't come
out and tell the truth.

Are they also afraid for their security?

I wish they showed Jean-Pierre Dumesle on television so we can see the
treatment he had received as a prisoner. The same treatment that K Plim,
Meszieux,  experienced under General Avril, he seems to have been severely
beaten by the police.  If the government tries to justify his stage coup,
at least they should find a better way to do it.