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a165: Pina/Chamberlain/Reports, etc. (fwd)

From: "Fr. Michael Graves" <harchim@yahoo.com>

RE: postings 152 and 161

   I sure am proud to call  myself a friend of Kevin
Pina. Kevin is a professsor in one of our schools
(computer) and doesn't waste time speaking out. I read
the stuff GC wrote earlier today and was inflamed, but
decided to wait for someone else to answer; Kevin
saved us all a lot of trouble, and me a lot of heart
ache because he knows what he is talking about.
   All you folks who pretend to know so much about
what is going on in Haiti...but who don't live here;
and you folks who claim to know exactly what ought to
be done to solve the problem, should get your white or
black derriers down here and help us. You would find
out quite quickly where the source of the problem
   Pontificating from afar is easier than living here
in the dust and waiting for the electricity to come


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