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a166: Fw: Journalists (fwd)

From:Olivier Nadal o_nadal@bellsouth.net

In response to those who write email about haitian journalists that have
asked political asylum in the United States, I think it is quite normal that
they save their life by asking political asylum.I want to add also for those
who do not know , that Jacky Caraibe was not a journalist but someone who
was using a microphone to blackmail many haitians involved in politics and
in  the business community.The job of Jacky Caraibes was to invent all kind
of false stories about certain  people  to slander them and  then call them
to threaten them ,blackmail them and ask them for  money.
Few days after the rebellion of the army that turned into a coup d' etat, "
a l' haitienne", Jackie Caraibe was found dead with his mouth broken  by a
firearm. To be honest, one cannot say it was the army because Jackie Caraibe
had a lot of enemies in all sectors of the haitian society, because of his
crooked behavior. One cannot say neither  it was the Fraph because the Fraph
did not exist at that time and was formed many months later.
Today, the enemy of the free haitian press is the fanatism and the
intolerance of the Lavalas supporters that do not believe in Democracy
,freedom of speech and respect of human rights.
December 17th was really a sad day for Haiti and all the journalists and the
haitian democrats.
Olivier Nadal