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a167: A proposition from an Haitian native (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

A proposition from a Haitian Native 
It might be too soon to invite the Convergence and the
Lavalas Camp to negotiate in order to reach a
POLITICAL settlement. But everything that had taken
place Haiti since day one up to yesterday is history;
therefore we should move on. At this present moment
the tension is too high to ask these eternal political
foes to restart the negotiation in Haiti, A cool down
period is required and a new avenue shall be found.  
The Lavalas and the Convergence should have a deadline
to come up with an acceptable solution to remove the
country from isolation. EU, OAS and the United States
are not going to provide financial support to Haiti
until a settlement is reached.
The Haitian people have to learn how to negotiate; it
cannot be either your way or my way, we have to leave
our comfort zone. Some personals and groups sacrifices
need to be made. Haitians folks can either deal
seriously with the real problem that face the country
or ignore it but it wonít go away.
Here is my final suggestion in this Haitian Saga
1) Election shall be held as soon as possible 
2) A new CEP
3) A New Coalition government headed by a New Prime
4) Mr. Aristide shall remain President to complete his
5) A purge in the PNH Force (This institution is too

This new coalition government must 
1) reform completely the justice system
2) Create an office for public servant (That office
will ensure that jobs donít go to friends but to
qualified people)
3) Provide training to all employees, if some
employees are not qualified, transfer them to a less
demanding post, do not fire anyone.
4) The zealous police officers who must be expelled
from the corps shall be transferred to a less
demanding post. (This to prevent friction)
5) A complete verification of personal asset of all
state employees. 
6 Since the Jails are overcrowded and they donít meet
the minimum requirements and also many folks who
supposed to be in jail are walking freely on the
street, I call for a General amnesty. 

The country needs a fresh start.  revenge will bring
more revenge. It is time to put everything behind and
start new. 

Joseph Alfred
W.L. Dept Chair & Soccer Coach
P.O. BOX 334
Smyrna, GA 30081

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