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a167: Re:a161 (fwd)

From: Olivier Nadal <o_nadal@bellsouth.net>

I must say that Mr. Greg Chamberlain is right and Mr. Kevin Pina is making a
lot of mistakes due certainly to  his lack of understanding on the haitian
situation. Aristide is  a mastermind of manipulation and duplicity.
All dechoukaj , starting in january 1991 were organized by Aristide and his
followers . Orders to destroy houses came directly from radio stations like
radio Haiti Inter and some other radios, and from Aristide.The dechoukeurs
had radio communication in their hands and were brought by cars and
trucks.Maybe few gangters joined in , we know that in the Haiti of today
there are  many gangsters, but please do not tell me , it was the haitian
people, because you know it was not.
Let me tell you that there were also reknown businessmen  took part in the
dechoukaj that took place the day of the departure of Jean Claude Duvalier
in exile. Some of them entered the houses of the Bennett and the Duvalier
family, and even the house of Mrs. Christophe, former chief of the VSN.Some
businessmen that made millions with the Duvalier regime stole the houses and
land of former dignitaries of the Duvalier regime, as well as people like
the former DGI director under Preval stole the house and the land of Mrs.
Merceron in Deluge, near Saint-Marc, along with many other people.
Dechoukaj2 was organized by Aristide and the violence that turned against
the Conference Episcopale, the Nonciature Apostolique and all the bishops
was organized by Aristide personally.More than 80 people were burnt alive
that day.Aristide never spoke against violence.The first to denounce this
violence publicly was Evans Paul , who had the courage to speak up against
such evil.Even a blind musician was burnt alive.
 It was not the people who burnt the Port-au-Prince Cathedral, it was not
the haitian people who attacked the Nonciature Apostolique and almost killed
the secretary of the Nuncio, it were the chimeres Lavalas , the new tonton
macoutes.All the haitian bishops had to take cover and one of them hide  in
my house for three months fearing for his life. Monseigneur Ligonde,
archibishop of PAP had to leave Haiti in exile.Only Aristide was against the
Church like he was against the Army and is today against  the Bourgeoisie
because he does not accept haitians that say no to his dictatorial way of
governing Haiti.
A good proof of what I am saying is the arrest on the orders of Aristide of
past Provisional President Ertha Trouillot who succeeded to organize
democratic, free and fair elections which gave the victory to Aristide. Why
was she arrested? Just because Aristide wanted to prove he was a big
chief.Another proof is that as usual Aristide never says a word against
violence. It seems that he is really enjoying violence.
The Lavalas is a mafia organisation.What the haitian private sector and
consequently the haitian civil society has endured the last 15 years and
especially the last 6 years is only comparable with the columbian mafia .We
have seen it all.
Political murders, corruption, mediocrity,incompetence,immorality ,
insanity,and lies all the time.There are  really no words to describe the
cynical and demoniac behavior of the Lavalas in power.
The July 28 affair is related to drug trafficking and the seven gangs that
are involved in the Police Nationale.The seven gangs are involved in drug
trafficking , kidnapping and political murders.July 28 has nothing to do
with politics.It is another manipulation from Aristide , to destroy the
so-called opposition.
Mr.Pina is saying that prior to RSF involvement in Haiti, there was freedom
of press.
What about the MAY 28, 1999 RALLY FOR PEACE AND DEMOCRACY organised by more
than 48 organisations of the hatitian civil  society, the press was there to
report and was beaten by the National Police. Ask if you want, reporter
Phares Duverger how he felt after being beaten by the Haitian police.And
what about the March that was organised by the Association of Journalists
after the beatings.Is it science fiction? Do you call that , Mr.Pina ,the
Lavalas freedom of press?

It must be a new way of protecting freedom of press in Haiti.
We all know who killed Jean Dominique and why.
I am personally listening, Mr Pina,  to those who are manipulating the
truth.Seven million people have no future today ,and are suffering ,because
a group of political  gangsters have taken Haiti into hostage , just to
serve their own personal interests which is to make money, only money.The
Lavalas have never worked in their life.They have never invested one penny
in Haiti, coming from their work .Give me the name of  one living Lavalas
who has worked all his life honestly and invest his time and money to
improve the conditions of the life of the haitian people.  Our country  has
really been taken into hostage by mediocrity and human stupidity for the
misfortune of all Haitians.

Olivier Nadal