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a178: Re:a174 (fwd)

From: Olivier Nadal <o_nadal@bellsouth.net>

This is my response to Racine125@aol.com:

First of all, I do not belong to the right wing. I am not a so-called
haitian politician , I am a businessman who was forced to take his
responsability as President of Haiti Chamber of Commmerce to denounce
publicly  the  violence sponsored by the Lavalas state that was aimed at
the haitian business community, and take a stand against political violence
.I am not on the right side or on the left side.I am an independant man that
today thinks that it is time to come to a National Reconciliation. But this
National Reconcialiation cannot be done with drug dealers and political
gangsters, but with real haitians democrats with good faith that will
respect their word and the life of all haitians.
How many opportunities for the haitian private sector were lost during those
years? Do you know how many companies went bankrupt after the commercial
embargo?Hundreds.Do you know how many jobs were lost? Thousands. Do you know
how many years it took some  business families to build their companies? As
an example, I can tell you that my company has been on the haitian  market
for more than 70 years.70 years of hard work in a country run the last 47
years by an incompetent and an irresponsible leadership that only think of
making money without working, and do not give a damn about economic
prosperity and the well being of all Haitians. Out of 10 companies that we
had in 1991, only 2 are still working. Who is going to compensate all the
haitian companies which had to close down their businesses, the last 7 years
because of theLavalas incompetence and irresposability?
I am holding the Lavalas leadership responsible for this mess ,because in
1994, they were returned by the International Community to do a job:
Reconcile haitians , bring peace, and work for  the respect of the
democratic rules, work  for the respect of human rights, work for the
reestablishmentof the rule of the law, efficiency, transparence,  good
governance, accountability and economic development.
The Haitian people have a right to be governed well regardless of the
political party in power.To be well governed we need a democratically
elected government that acts for the good of the haitian people and does not
abuse state power.Today we do not need crooks .With them there is no  hope
for a better future for our children.
Where are we today, after the International community gave to the Lavalas
government more than $500 millions, in 1994 .Where is  that money? In which
sector of the economy this money has been invested? What economic progress
has  been made the last 7 years.Besides the construction of buildings and
houses for the Lavalas barons, and the misuse and devertion to personal bank
accounts in Haiti and offshores, where this money was spent ?
Today in Haiti there are   anarchy and chaos.Today we have a
narco-dictatorship in power which is highly corrupted and criminal. You have
to face the reality.Haiti will not prosper with drug dealers and gangsters
in power.

I know that the military killed about 300 people the day of the
rebellion.But why  the army rebels itself against Aristide? One of the
reason was that the army wanted to stay independent and did not accept the
dictatorial rule of Aristide that never respected  democratic rules and the
Haitian Constitution. Aristide did not respected the Army as an independent
institution , he wanted the Army to be under his totalitarian rule.Aristide
also wanted to destroy the army since a long time.His men attacked many
military posts in the countryside. Many soldiers were killed and burned
alive.. At that time it was reported by the haitian press that they were
tonton macoutes and that they deserve to die. Vive la democratie!

Aristide speeches were  very violent , nothing to do with Democracy.We all
saw what happened to the elected Congressmen when they tried to call then
Prime Minister Preval to talk about his political and economical policies,
in front of the Parliament.The Congressmen were threatened to death by the C
himeres and few of them were beaten in front of the parliament. The
president of the Congress, Congressman Duly Brutus ,started to receive death
threats from Aristide who wanted to address  the Congressmen before the
audition of Preval. Duly Brutus told Aristide, he could not speak to the
congressmen because it was unconstitutional.Aristide got mad and sent his
Chimeres to threaten the Congressmen.We all know what happened to Duly
Brutus today, Duly is in exile for resisting to Aristide dictatorial rule in
1995.His father house was set on fire by the Lavalas Chimeres in Limbe, with
in father inside.

Now to go back to Jacky Caraibe, nobody knows who killed him.If you want to
know, I would advise you to  start an objective investigation, but do not
make false accusations because you have enemies here and there. Furthermore,
the radio station where Jacky Caraibe was speaking, is not in Pacot, so how
come can you see with your own eyes truckloads of soldiers unloading?You
must have pretty good eyes!

FRAPH: I am not defending the FRAPH . I have never met one fraph members in
my life.I believe they killed some Lavalas.But at least we knew that FRAPH
was not a democratic organisation, but a terrorist organisation.They were
not pretending.They were real.We knew they were bad.
 It is not like the Lavalas that are pretending that they are good people
and  democrats and while we all know that they are terrorists exactly like
FRAPH. FRAPH was as bad as Lavalas today.
 It is like the Fraph documents that never existed. The Lavalas government
for many years told the haitian people that the US government hold 360,000
pages of the fraph documents.What a joke!
We all know that Haitians do not keep archives and they do not like to
write.They are poor organizers and certainly do not keep any trace of how
many people they killed every day.When the US government wanted to return
the fraph documents in 1999, Preval refused to take them, because accepting
the few pages would stop the Lavalas  propaganda that the lavalas press was
doing.It did not serve their cause to accept the documents.Finally those
documents were returned 8 months ago. Lavalas publicly  acknowledged receipt
three months after receiving the documents.Have you ever heard anything
about the content of the documents? Personally, I have heard nothing.

 You will be surprise to see how many haitians are using Internet today.It
is unfortunately not available to many Haitians but the number of Haitians
using Internet will increase in the years to come if we succeed to
reestablish the Constitutional order.

You said the Lavalas movement has never overthrown a Haitian administration.
It is the right of every haitian to try to struggle against any
dictatorship, either it comes from the far right or from the far left. In
2001, it is really a shame to have a new dictatorship that is worse than the
Duvalier dictatorship.
Lavalas has succeeded in stealing the 2000 Legislative Elections by emptying
the ballot boxes with the help of the National Police.Ask Guy Philippe and
his commissaires. The order to empty the ballot boxes and replace them with
ballots in favour of the Lavalas was given to them by Aristide inTabarre few
days before the elections.Also , Aristide gave the order to the Haitian
Police to stop any independent  candidates and candidates from all
opposition political parties to address and present their political programs
to the Haitian people.That means that under Lavalas rule no one is able to
speak.So much, for the freedom of speech.
The death threats directly made by Aristide by telephone to CEP President
Leon Manus at the National Palace with Preval were real .Those threats were
made to Leon Manus to force him to sign the false results of the
elections.Where is Leon Manus today? Leon Manus is in exile at 80 years old,
because he refused to betray his people and his country.
It is today the source of all our problems.Why Aristide needed to cheat?
Because he was not sure of winning.
How much the folly of Aristide to control 100% of the power at all cost  is
costing Haiti ? in terms of missed opportunities to develop the country? and
in terms of  destroying the health of the haitian population that are
turning zombis because of the madness and the crazy love for power of one
man.Aristide must be stopped in order to save the life of 7 million people,
like Hitler during World War II.

Olivier Nadal