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a179: Saint Vil offers misleading quote (fwd)

From: Lance Durban <lpdurban@yahoo.com>

In a177 Jean Saint-Vil offers a misleading quote from an old
Washington Post article to make a point that really makes no
sense at all if one reads the entire article.  He writes on

  >Perhaps the answers to Kathy's questions can be found
  >in the attached February 2001 article of the Washignton
  >(sic) Post. It ends with the following two paragraphs:

     «Called in to explain themselves, Alexis went on, Nau and
     Philippe denied they were contemplating a coup. But within
     days, they and a half-dozen other officers fled to the
     Dominican Republic.

     Two other officers implicated in the reports sought 
     refuge in the Dominican Embassy in Port-au-Prince.
     Haitian authorities wanted to wait them out.  But
     Alexis said they were allowed instead to travel
     unmolested to the Dominican Republic -- AT THE

>From these two paragraphs quoted it certainly sounds like the
nasty old USA is up to its old tricks again.  But wait a minute
Mr. Saint Vil, perhaps you should point out to the readers that
the reason Nau and Philippe have been "called in to explain
themselves" in the first place is because the U.S. Embassy's Don
Steinberg has just passed along info to the Lavalas people of a
possible coup or assassination attempt.  We're reading the same
Washington Post article but you have obviously just come from
Greg Chamberlain's Church of Conspiracy Theorists.

L. Durban  

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