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a191: Changes in National Coalition for Haitian Rights

Accra, December 31, 2001
Dear friends and colleagues,
I wish to inform you that on March 31, 2002, I will be resigning from my
position as Executive Director of the National Coalition for Haitian
Rights. I have been living in Ghana, Africa together with my family for
most of this year. We plan to remain there for several more months. Thanks
to the wonders of technology, a supportive board leadership, a very
skilled staff in NY, a dedicated team of advocates in Haiti, and several
visits to NY and elsewhere, I have remained close to the issues and
directed NCHR operations without much disruption. 
I also wish to inform you of the following additional changes: 
Merrie Archer, NCHR's Associate Director for Programs and Development, who
has done much of the heavy on site lifting during my physical absence from
NCHR's offices, will be moving to South Florida by the end of January
2002. She will continue to be associated with NCHR for several more months
and be tasked with continuing to fulfill NCHR's goals with respect to
human rights in Haiti, Haitians in the Dominican Republic and Haiti's
restavek children while exploring possibilities of establishing a NCHR
office in South Florida 
NCHR's Executive Committee has decided to elevate Dina Paul Parks,
currently NCHR's Policy Associate, to the position of Acting Director,
effective January 1, 2002.  Although primarily responsible for NCHR's
immigration policy work and the implementation of NCHR's national
conference (now set for early April 2002), Dina has become increasingly
involved in other critical areas of the organization's work in recent
months and will be working very closely with Merrie throughout the
transition on human rights, development and management issues. Dina will
collaborate closely with me in making organizational decisions, but will
also have the authority to act on my behalf when I cannot be reached. Dina
can be reached at (212) 337-0005 or at dpparks@nchr.org.
NCHR's Executive Committee will recommend a course of action to the Board
with respect to the selection of a new Executive Director in the near
future. You will be informed of such action as soon as possible. I am
confident that we will find another skilled and thoughtful leader to move
us forward. In the meantime, I urge you to continue to provide NCHR with
your support.
Next year will mark NCHR's 20th anniversary. In the last two decades, we
have accomplished quite a lot on behalf of Haitians in Haiti and the US.
Since our inception, Haitian communities have grown and Haitians have
emerged from the shadows, penetrating all walks of life, be it the law,
the arts, politics, the media, high finance, public administration, health
or educational fields. Our success in the future will be measured not by
how well we get our point across, but by how well we garner our collective
strength to promote and ensure good governance, respect for individual
rights, the welfare of our children and bring tangible improvements to our
communities. Since Haiti is in my heart and soul, I am fairly certain that
I will remain in touch with you as NCHR's new leaders rise up to the
challenge. In the meantime I wish you a safe journey into the next year. I
can be reached through March at this email address and afterwards at
makala99@yahoo.com. Should you wish to reach me via telephone, you may
call +233 (20) 211-2313 or +233 (21) 779-371.
All the best,
Jocelyn McCalla
Executive Director