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a223: Boston Haitian Reporter Online - January 2002 Edition (fwd)

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Inside This Month's Boston Haitian Reporter 

The January 2002 Edition

Featured Stories:

The Poetic Universe of Danielle Georges.

Gonaives is the birthplace of Haitian independence and also of Danielle 
Georges, a Boston-based poet who has just released her first book, Maroon. 
Charlot Lucien introduces us to this exciting new voice. 

Where Do We Go From Here?

Coverage of the Dec. 17 Assault in P-A-P and the Aftermath:

-The Latest Reports from Haiti

-Seven killed in attack on palace

-Phillipe detained on conspiracy charge in Dominican Republic

-Search for suspects continues

Mass Congressmen Throw Support Behind Fight for Haiti Aide, Call for Clearer 
U.S. Policy.

Two Massachusetts Congressman: Michael Capuano and Stephen Lynch are adding 
their voices to those calling on President Bush to release humanitarian funds 
to Haiti.

>From the Publisher: Time for Community to Help Craft Policy

BHR publisher Will Dorcena writes that it's time for more Haitian Americans 
to call on our elected officials to take U.S. foreign policy towards Haiti 
more seriously.

2001: Twelve Months of Self-Discovery and Progress

Last year will be forever remembered for the horrors wrought by terrorists. 
In Boston's Haitian community, however, we should not forget the many high 
points of 2001.

Committee Continues to Work for Substance Abuse Prevention

A committee of Haitians founded in 1989 to prevent alcohol and drug abuse in 
the community is still going strong, Michaelle Raphael reports.

Port-au-Prince Native Gives Back through Work, Advice

Lionel Charles has helped countless kids by acting as a mentor at Boston 

Insurance Companies Continue to Avoid City Neighborhoods

A study released last month confirms what many already knew: if you live in 
one of Massachusetts' urban neighborhoods, it remains difficult to insure 
your home privately.


Changing Our Posture Towards Politics, Politicians
BHR columnist Caleb DesRosiers says that we need to change our perception 
about public officials in 2002 and get more involved ourselves.

Arts & Entertainment

Lucien's "Ti Oma" Adds Momentum to Storytelling Movement
A new recording by Boston's own Charlot Lucien adds a new and intriguing 
voice to the Haitian storytelling movement.

Check Out the Latest CD Releases

Steve Desrosiers samples the hottest releases for the new year from such 
artists as T-Vice, Tropicana D'Haiti and Lov'.

National & International

Connecticut Man Bilked Haitians, Police Say

Wyclef Salutes Kofi Annan

Journalists Under Siege in Haiti

Plus: A complete round-up of news from Haiti and the Caribbean

All of this and much, much more can be found inside the December edition of 
the Boston Haitian Reporter.


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