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a224: Reopen discussion: What should be done? (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

Reopen discussion: What should be done?

The Talk between the Convergence and the Lavalas had
not moved an inch for the past two years, what should
be done?
My View (folks) I have been living away from my
homeland since 1984, I may not have the complete
picture, but I follow closely the events back home.  I
strongly believe the Lavalas and the Convergence shall
return to the negotiation table. 
1) The Senate is incomplete therefore new election
shall be held as soon as possible. 
2) The need for an impartial CEP and any member of
that CEP who shows favoritism shall be served time 
3) A new coalition government that should reflect the
country and that new prime minister shall not be a

Question: in your own words what should be done? 
None of you who are reading this post is facing
starvation; in Haiti people are dying with hunger.
Those folks who are fighting for power are living a
good life. And most of them have benefited with this
current situation. 
In taking all these into consideration, one can wonder
why these folks don't want to enter into a compromise.

A new player shall inter in that game, the
international community is not going to help Haiti out
unless a settlement is reached and you and I know that
the lavalas and the Convergence do not want to resolve
this crisis. Otherwise they could have found a
satisfactory solution 15 months ago or last July. 
Lavalas in interested in finding international
assistance and the Convergence is making sure these
folks don't get a dime. The people of Haiti are left
out. You see that, now what should be done? We cannot
sit here like that with full knowledge these folks are
playing a dangerous game without offering an
alternative. Haiti might be in Isolation, but some of
you in the Diaspora can bring a plan to restore hope
to the Haitian people, at this present moment
everything shall be on the table. I believe a deadline
must be set; once the Lavalas and the Convergence know
that they can be in the losing side, they will get
their act together.

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