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a237: Justice for the Haitian Legend: Jean L Dominique: The President must decide (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

Justice for the Haitian Legend: Jean L Dominique: the
President must decide
The mandate of the Haitian of the year Judge Claudy
Gassant on Dominique Case is expired today, Jan 5,
2002. He had asked the Senate last August to revoke
the immunity of the Senator of Port-au-Prince 
Will the president send the case back to the most
ethical Haitian judge in Haitian history? He is not a
rich guy, he is living a simple lifestyle in Haiti, if
he were like others he could have pocketed millions
and conclude that Dominique was a victim of random
violence that had plagued Haiti for the past 25 years.
For taking on the corruption system in Haiti, he
should be praised. 
The president may try to move that case to protect his
friend but he is afraid of critic. In Haiti,
everything is possible. Judge Gassant had said before
that he will not take that case back, but that judge
might be among the few honest person we may have in
the judicial system in Haiti, we will need him to
reform the Haitian justice when things are back to
normal; therefore it is imperative that he remains if
ask. (Reform has to be done within)

I won't be surprised if that case is transferred; it
is legal and Haitians politician know how to use the
law when it is in their interest. 

I had brought that issue many times in this forum,
more than his colleagues, more than those who claim
doing journalistic work in Haiti and trying to control
the airwave. What had happened to Mr. Lindor might be
a result for not getting the murder of the Haitian
Legend to justice. Here below what the Haitian
president had proposed for this New Year 
"le président de la République se propose de relever
le défi en 2002 à travers son programme en cinq  (5)
points basé sur les infrastructures et les
communications, la production nationale,  l'éducation
et l'alphabétisation, la santé, la justice et la
Metropolehaiti    Vendredi, 4 janvier 2002 10:34
Since Justice and security are part of his program let
watch his move, you don't have to say it but if it is
indeed part of your program, you should deliver. We
need concrete action. The Dominique case has nothing
to do with fanatic, nothing to do with politic, it is
a murder case, it is the act of a brutal criminal that
should be off the street.  No more, no less. 

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