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a238: If there is a crime, there must be criminals (fwd)

From: Joe Allen <jaallen1@bellsouth.net>

re: posting a236

"Minister of Justice Gary Lissade said "the
government will be creating a commission to help the victims of this crime
repair the damage. We are committed to working together with the Democratic
Convergence to bring the perpetrators of these crimes to justice.""

    If this quote attributed to Gary Lissade is correct, he would be the
first Haitian government official to acknowledge that there was a crime
committed against the opposition on December 17, 2001.   I applaud Gary
Lissade for being so clear about this issue.
    Having said that, I think that naming a commission is not the best way
to proceed, because the commission will have no jurisdiction in prosecuting
the criminals and will only make recommendations that the Justice department
may or may not follow.    I have not even mentioned how long it will take to
put it together with all the inevitable bickering.  This may be one more
commission that will not get to the bottom of the issue.   The most direct
way to proceed is to name a "juge d'instruction" who will have investigative
and prosecutorial powers.
    I remember that in 1986, after the departure of the Duvaliers I
testified in front of a commission for the crimes committed against our
family members in Jeremie in 1964. No final report was issued and there was
not a single conviction for these brutal murders of close to 100 private
    It is what we call in Creole "bat dlo pou fe beu" (stir water to make

Joseph A. Allen DDS
Miami, FL