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a239: Fw: Re:a232 and a 211 Haiti-Consular Information sheet Jan 4th.2002 (fwd)

From: Olivier Nadal <o_nadal@bellsouth.net>

> From: Olivier Nadal: < o_nadal@bellsouth.net >
> I have read post a232 from Mrs. Jacqueline Labrom describing how nice it
is to go spend a vacation these days in Haiti.

> Four days ago, the HERTZ agent in Haiti,Mr. Philippe Armand, his wife,
> Mrs.Genevieve Armand  and their  three kids, were attacked in the middle
> the day by a group of terrorists that wanted to kidnap the three kids.The
> Armand family was driving back from the beach for New Year's Eve in two
> ,like most  haitian families driving  outside Port-au-Prince these
> have to form a convoy to feel safer.When the parents saw what was
> they jumped from their car to fight with the terrorists.Mr.Philippe Armand
> was knocked out by one of the agressor, the kids managed to escape, but
> Mrs.Armand was kidnapped and  beaten.She was then taken to La Saline .
> a while, she managed to escape and find her way out from La Saline.Mr.
> Armand is a well known businessman in Haiti and  CEO several companies .He
> is also a member of many business associations.
> The following morning, it was the daughter of Mr. Guy Williams, agent of
> AVIS in Haiti  that was attacked .
> On December 18th, 2001, Mr. Antoine Saati, a prominent and well respected
> businessman was kidnapped and "arrested" by the National Police of Haiti,
> without any official mandate, under the fallacious pretext that he was an
> "accomplice" in the Auto coup d' etat of Lavalas.Mr. Saati is CEO of an
> American company based in Miami, Florida,   One World Inc. Mr. Saati is a
> citizen.He  was poisoned in jail with a bottle of Pine Sol. He was sent to
> Canape Vert Hospital because his stomach was burnt. He was supposed  to
> the judge today.The haitian judge did not show up. Mr.Saati is still being
> taken into hostage by the Haitian authorities, and close friends of Jean
> Bertrand Aristide.
> It is almost everyday now, that there are kidnappings in Haiti, and
> political violence. Maybe, Mrs.Labrom does not listen to the radio. Haiti
> is hell everyday, all year long.
> As past president of Haiti Chamber of Commerce and Industry, it is my duty
> to warn any US citizen or citizens of other countries that want to travel
> of the potential dangers and risks for their life existing today  in
> I sincerely recommend to all foreign citizens to be very careful when they
> travel to Haiti.There is these days, because of the political turmoil,
> racial prejudice against foreigners and especially  against Americans
> citizens, and maintained by the political power.
> Olivier Nadal