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a270: OAS meeting on Haiti this Wednesday; Let your be known (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

OAS meeting on Haiti this Wednesday, Let your view be
 OAS is expected to discuss Haitiís political turmoil
this Wednesday. It could have been a good idea to let
some friendly countries in the area know about the
real situation.
The country cannot remain in ISOLATION for too long,
an alternative solution must be on the table. For the
past two years, the Lavalas and the Convergence have
not able to put aside their indifferences and their
personal interest to negotiate in good faith.
The event that took place last December had polarized
the situation even more

What should be the proper course of action, will he
international community withhold support until a
political agreement is reached?
The European Community, the United States had made
their views known on that subject two years ago; we
donít expect them to reverse their position anytime
soon. The Haitian president had negotiated with Former
US president Mr. Clinton before he left office, the
Secretary of States Retire General Collins Powell and
the current US President Mr. Bush had said they would
honor the agreement left by his predecessor.
My friends, I donít all the information, but it has
appeared that one party has not
Honored his words. An agreement is agreement whether
it is enforceable or not.
In life whoever you going to meet or deal with, one
will rely on your word, if you
Have difficulties to keep your words, if you have
difficulties to honor your own
Signature,  well Ö; If you sign something under
coercion, it is not legal but if you
Do it at your free will; there is no excuse you should
honor it; even though, it may
Not be at your advantage, one should respect his/her
signature, one should honor
His/her words.

I hope most of you are not local leader (just fooling
the Haitian community) but you can use your influence
to help move forward this ongoing crisis. Send a
professional letter to those governments and explain
what the Haitian people would like to see in the
country. Abusing the Haitian people is like abusing
children, a child born today may not know if he/she is
hungry but you as parents should know. The Haitian
people have been living in the stage of poverty for
too long they may be incapable to raise their voice to
let other know their pain and suffering, but you know
they are experiencing the worst case of poverty ever
sustain by human being.

Joseph Alfred
P.O. BOX 334
Smyrna, GA 30081

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