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a269: Re: Hillebrand replies on The Hill and Dogtown (fwd)

From: andrewwolff@msn.com

Larry,  I do not know exactly who you are.  I grew up in Dogtown in the late
thirties.  I left Dogtown in 1965, moving to Minnestoa..Lived there for 22
years.  We now live in a subburb of Fort Worth, Texas via San Antonio, Texas
and Phoenix Arizona.
    The Italians did not live on the Hill because they had too.  It was
because they wanted to.
They were a close knit community.  You saw very few forsale signs on the
Hill.  An Ialtian family not living on the Hill was notified when a home on
The Hill would be going on the market.  They were thrilled when Father
Polumbo was made pastor of St. Ambroses'  He could hear confessions in
   It was easy to leave the neighborhood because we had public
transportation and in highschool I often drove to school once I was 16.
   In what time frame did you grow-up in Dogtown?     Teresa
    PS.  I went to Rosati Kain HIgh School  with alot of girls from The