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a428: Haiti in Focus (fwd)

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Now published:

Haiti in Focus - A Guide to the People, Politics and Culture
by Charles Arthur

Travel • 5 7/8"x 8 5/8" • 100 pages
maps • color and b&w photos
ISBN 1-56656-359-3 • paperback $12.95

Interlink Publishing
46 Crosby Street
MA 01060-1804

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Mention the Caribbean and most people think of holidays on sun-kissed
beaches, of rum and rhythms under the palm trees. Mention Haiti and
invariably it's all: "Isn't that where 'voodoo' is practised?" and "I know
about Duvalier's Tontons Macoutes." Graham Greene's novel, The Comedians,
the James Bond caper, Live and Let Die, and Wes Craven's horror flic, The
Serpent and the Rainbow, have firmly cemented images of the 'nightmare
republic' in popular consciousness across North America and Europe.

Haiti is indeed a society quite distinct from those found in the rest of the
region, but the clichés of black magic and thugs in sunglasses barely touch
on the reality of life for those who make up the third largest population in
the Caribbean. Despite the United Nations military intervention in 1994 that
briefly made Haiti front-page news, the country remains little known or
understood. Haiti in Focus is an up-to-date introduction to the Haitian
people, their culture and society, and the economics and politics of their

Charles Arthur is the coordinator of the London-based Haiti Support Group and
the co-editor of Libëte: A Haiti Anthology.