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a429: Regarding the "US Army didn't disarm Haitian Army" issue

rom: NLaleau@aol.com

Regarding the "US Army didn't disarm Haitian Army" issue--
don't intend to get
dragged into an endless debate with the right wing (or any wing for that
matter) about that
issue--whether I'm "oversimplifying" it or not... I was there, I saw what
I saw, I heard the
bullshit that I heard and watched the fake concern on the faces of the
people spouting it. I
knew the actual capacity for action of the US Army, as well as the OAS and
UN, and witnessed
at first hand the selective use all three organisms were willing to make
of their resources.
 I also saw in whose behalf they easily used their power, and in whose
behalf they suddenly
"had no power." I'd like to discuss it with Stan Goff or Larry Rockwood
sometime. I still
haven't gotten hold of Stan's book but will make it a priority.
 --Nancy Laleau