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a481: Aristide using taxpayer's money for private foundation ?(fwd)

From: P Louissaint <totalcapital@email.com>

I am writing in reference to an important detal that i noticed in the message of John Kozyn, who is, I assume, the webmaster for the Haitian Embassy ? He wrote in Message "a476":
<< I thought listers might be interested to know that the Aristide Foundation
 for Democracy has a new website up. The URL is: http://www.aristidefoundation.haiti.org/
 John Kozyn >>

He annouced in his message that The Aristide's Foundation has a new website and the address is John Kozyn http://www.aristidefoundation.haiti.org

For those of you who may not be versed in the internet, this site is hosted by the Haitian Embassy and uses tax payer's money: the main domain is haiti.org which is the domain of the Haitian Embassy paid for by taxpayer's money. It is completely wrong to host the site of a private foundation there, no matter if it belongs to a President.

We should stop mixing private affairs with public affairs. The Haitian Embassy is not a satellite of the Aristide Foundation.This is just a matter of principle.

I would appreciate the comments of Mr Kozyn or anyone, official or not, on that matter...


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