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a485: News from The Carrie Art Collection (fwd)

From: carrie_haitianart@dnetwork.net

Carrie Art Collection is pleased to present the virtual exhibit of Haitian Artist Ralph Allen.


Ralph Allen is born on June 14th 1952. He studies in Port-au-Prince at the Colleges St. Martial, Max Penette and Bird.

In 1971 he leaves Haiti for New York. He receives a scholarship at the National Academy School of Fine Arts, where he studies drawing, painting, graphic arts and sculpture. He wins The Albert H. Baldin Award, the Lucrecia Bori Award, and the Dr. Ralph Weiler Award.

In 1972 he represents the Haitian Arts at the New-York University Loeb Center.

In 1975 he is accepted at the Annual Exhibits of the National Academy of Design, the Audubon Artists of America, and the American Watercolor Society. His work is selected for the traveling exhibit throughout the U.S. and Australia. He meets artists like Charles White, Jacob Lawrence, Avel deKnight and discovers the Afro-American painting. He exhibits with fellow students of the Academy at the Ringwood Manor Museum in New Jersey and the Pioneer Gallery in Cooperstown...

Ralph Allen is the tenth exposition to be featured in the "Artist of the Month" series. On the 15th of every month, Carrie Art Collection will feature an artist, their work and an interview with the preeminent Haitian art critic, Michel Philippe Lerebours.


Carrie Art Collection has selected from among Haiti's finest artists, representing various schools and mediums. Visit now and discover the magic of Haitian art.

We thank you for your time and attention and hope you will forward this e-mail to family and friends so they can stay up to date on the latest Haitian Art News from The Carrie Art Collection.

Carrie Art Collection